Meet Morris

Morris, an interactive stuffed animal that encourages you to turn it inside out and explore its innards.

Where in the world did Morris come from?

Morris started as an exploration of material textures, her fantastic form was inspired by the real fish that inhabit our Earth. I wanted to make an object that showcased the unique and often overlooked sense of touch. Morris offers a new and playful way to experience everyday materials! Morris was successfully funded184% on Kickstarter with over 800 backers in December 2016! You can still get your own Morris through this site while supplies last.

Why did I Kickstart Morris?

I wanted to make a limited production run of Morris so she could be accessible to lots of people β€” whoever wants a Morris can get one! After I posted the first Morris online it was quickly picked up and featured by several blogs like Gizmodo and Notcot. As Morris' picture was passed around the internet, I received lots of emails from people wanting a Morris of their own. In order to make Morris accessible to more people, I began to search for a way to produce a limited run at a market price. Kickstarter was the perfect platform to get Morris out into the world!

Where is Morris made?

To facilitate the production process, I've partnered with Big Idea Design LLC. They have years of experience managing high-volume factory production and have been a part of several successful Kickstarter campaigns. We have been working together to select a factory, source materials, refine samples and create the first production run. 

Morris?? That's a strange name for a fish...

Morris is named after all of my dead goldfish. As a child, every time I got a new goldfish I would name it Morris and it would inevitably die, as goldfish eventually do. Their memories can now live on through the immortal toy Morris fish.  

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